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This is the worst company I have every came in contact with. I'm in the Army living in Germany and order a Blackberry Storm from the company over the telephone.

The company charge my bank account on the 10 Jan the same day I order it and mailed my telephone out on the 21 Jan. The company did not tell me that they only mail to APO on Sat only. They did not send a email telling me anything about my order. NO Invoice!

The Oder section of the company has a bad attitude over the telephone. Please do not use this company if you live over seas and have a APO address. The company is not trust worthy with me because I have called the company five times about my telephone and still have not received a email about my telephone. I had to ask for the tracking number and they told me that it was mailed out on 17 and I found out that the company mailed it out on the 21 Jan.

The Company can not be trusted and you do not treat the consumer like he is a second class.

You are welcome to email me and ask for more information about the company.

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This company has infected the net with at least four scam sites., Overseas Electronics,

,Easy Shopping Home the sies are all the same you cannot contact them, they deliver free, ad they always have every phone in the World. It is shameful that governing bodies cannot close them down, just organised crime.

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